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ONLINE TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP 44        “TCOL-44“ season 6
This document details the rules for the 2017 online tournament in connection with historical events... or something close to them. Every quarter you will be presented with a mini campaign related to the events which took place during that period. Every campaign consists of 3 scenarios in which you will relive moments selected by the authors. Possible campaigns include DDAY, Burma, France 40, Market Garden, Desert, Guadalcanal, Stalingrad, Norway, Finland, the Ardennes, Poland, Italy, the Pacific, China, Kursk, etc. Some scenarios used in the campaigns will be original creations. Others will be picked from the online library, but we reserve the right to tweak them to improve gameplay and balance. Please note that expert mode is required to play those scenarios.
The recruitment period for teams and players will start one month before the beginning of the next campaign. At that time, players taking part in the current campaign will be contacted to confirm their participation in the following one. Recruitment will then be managed through the dedicated RECRUITMENT forum available at Please note that the profiles of officers leaving TCOL-44 will be removed from the forum for maintenance reasons.
Players are encouraged to form teams. A team must be composed of exactly 4 officers. Teams missing a member following a departure and/or officers without a team should post their offers on the RECRUITMENT forum to find teammates. Once a team is formed, its members must pick a general. The general has the following duties:

  • Choose a team name (e.g. Alpha, Beta, Charly, Dog, Easy, Fox, etc.) in agreement with the officers;
  • Manage players’ absence while making sure that officers do not play more ranked matches they are allowed;
  • Manage the recruitment of new players within the limits of 4 officers to replace departures;

Each campaign played during the year contains 3 scenarios (or maps) for a total of 12 matches to be played by each team.
At the beginning of the year, teams and officers who will be facing each other during the first round are drawn randomly. The tournament then follows a Swiss format with standings determining opponents of subsequent rounds both at team and player level. Please note however that adjustments may be required to prevent teams and players from opposing each other twice during a given season.
Rounds will labelled according to the following convention: TCOL-44/<season number>.<map number>. For instance, TCOL-44/1.2 corresponds to the second map of the first season. The calendar for the TCOL-44/4 campaign is as follows:

  • January April: Recruitment;
  • January: TCOL-44/6.1 round 1;
  • February: TCOL-44/6.2 round 2;
  • March: TCOL-44/6.3 round 3;

Scenarios and maps for each round will be put online at the beginning of each month, and they will remain available for the duration of the round.
Pairings for each round will be published on the forum. The officer marked with a star (*) in the pairing should play with Allied Forces first. Officers are responsible for sending match results to the organizers. They should do so by replying to the forum post listing the pairings for the round. For a given match, players should be listed in the order in which they appear in the pairing to simplify data input. The following format should be used to report match results:
First Game
Player 1 medal count (Allied) / Player 2 medal count (Axis)
Second Game

Player 1 medal count (Axis) / Player 2 medal count (Allied)
Match Total

Player 1 name/ Player 2 name: Player 1 victory count / Player 2 victory count – Player 1 medal count / Player 2 medal count

Players are encouraged to include the REPLAY and ONLINE result table in their post as proof.

Important Note: Please note that results posted after the end of the round will not be taken into account for that round. The date of the post containing the results will be used for the cutoff.
Teams and officers start each campaign with zero point. New teams and players joining the competition at a later date (i.e. during the year) also start with a score of zero point. The running total of points scored throughout the campaign will be used to rank players and teams. In case of equality, the number of medals will be used as a tie-breaker. Team and officer standings will be updated after each round, while final standings will be published one week after the last round.
Points will be awarded as follows for ranked matches played during the 2016 tournament:

  • Each officer will receive one point for each medal earned during a ranked match plus one bonus point per victory. In addition to that, officers are only allowed to play 3 ranked matches per campaign. Officers who exceed that limit (e.g. to fill in for a missing teammate) will receive a penalty: For each ranked match played beyond the third, the officer will see his score for that match divided by 2 and rounded down. This rule is meant to encourage active participation of all officers in the tournament;

  • Each team will receive one point for each point scored by one of its officers;

This section details the guidelines which will be in effect throughout the tournament.
Ranked matches
Each officer is limited to 3 ranked matches per campaign. However, an officer is allowed to play a given map multiple times to make up for the absence of another player or the departure of a teammate. This officer will not incur any penalty for doing so as long as he does not play more than 3 ranked matches during the campaign.
Officers are responsible for scheduling their own matches once pairings are published. If an officer is unable to reach his opponent within three weeks and the ranked match cannot be scheduled, that officer may face a reserve officer during the last week of the month instead.
Team officers
Ranked matches played by officers in teams of 4 are used to rank both the players themselves and the team to which they belong.

Standalone officers

Officers who do not belong to a team of 4 are considered standalone. In addition to that, if the number of teams is odd, the officers of a team chosen at random will also be considered standalone. Standalone officers always face reserve officers for their ranked matches. Those matches only count towards the individual ranking of the standalone player.

Reserve officers

Reserve officers are team officers chosen to face standalone officers as well as team officers without an opponent for a given round. Those facing standalone players will be chosen randomly by tournament organizers, while team officers are free to choose their substitute opponent. In either case, the reserve officer cannot belong to the same team as the person they face.
Matches played by reserve officers will not count towards the limit of 3 ranked matches. Similarly points scored by the reserve officer will not count towards his ranking. Those matches will only affect the ranking of his adversary.
Fair play should be favored whenever possible as matches may be interrupted due to network, computer, or even power issues. When this happens, the game AI will step in to replace the missing player. If the AI does not play, the player still in the game should wait from 5 to 10 minutes to give enough time to the disconnected player to return to the match. If the AI plays and/or the match cannot resume, the remaining player should exit the match to check the status of his opponent. If the disconnected player is back, a new game should be launched. Otherwise, both players should agree on a new schedule to complete the match. In this case, the medal counts of both the interrupted match and the rescheduled match should be taken into account for scoring purpose.
In case of dispute between two players (disagreement, lack of fair play, refusal to reschedule, etc.), tournament organizers (Sacas or JP VON KEVY) should be notified so that they can assign to each player a reserve officer as replacement. As a penalty for the dispute, the number of point scored by the two players will be divided by 2 and rounded down.

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